When and Why to regenerate

  • You should regenerate?

    For a cylinder which reports a malfunction must first understand if problems are solvable with a normal maintenance, or whether to make a total replacement of the cylinder itself.

  • How to evaluate?

    To better understand the problem, it requires that the customer future at our headquarters cylinder, we will perform dismantling, assess the situation and report to the customer if you can make a maintenance or if it is better to evaluate a replacement.

  • Issues

    In the event that the customer is unable to disassemble the cylinder, the first thing we need to receive a photographic documentation and any sketches / drawings. Later, we will ask for any information that will give us the opportunity to be able to better assess the situation.

  • Replacement

    In case of replacement, we will make the findings of which we need to build the new cylinder.

  • Sending request regeneration

    In the form below, in the first phase, fill out the required fields. The next section you can attach any necessary files. We will process your request and contact you as soon as possible.

  • Fill the form

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