AEM3, a guarantee!

  • Quality

    To produce high quality hydraulic cylinders is essential to have years of experience and knowledge of the best materials, the correct tolerances, the best components about seals and other elements.

  • Design

    In order to produce hydraulic design cylinders in addition to the experience also it serves a design capacity and adequate production.

  • AEM3

    We are this: versatility and experience in customer service.

  • Sending your request

    Send us the characteristics of the cylinder you need, we will meet your needs.

  • Info

    After sending the form and the required attachments, you will be contacted by AEM3 for any specifications and estimates.

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    rapid lifting speed (mm./sec.):
    working speed at full power (mm./sec.):
    cylinder bore - reference A (mm.)
    diameter piston rod - reference B (mm.):
    cylinder stroke - reference C (mm:)
    exsternal cylinder diameter - reference E (mm.)
    maximum dimension length - reference F (mm.)

    after the submission of the form, you will find a section where you can send, find attached the following documents:
    - DRAWING / SKETCH cylinder flange position - reference D.
    - DRAWING / SKETCH type on the piston rod - reference G.
    - DRAWING / SKETCH size (inch / metric) and position oil attacks.