AEM3 s.r.l.

Over 40 years of experience in the construction of hydraulic presses, allow us to boast excellent skills in designing, building and regeneration of special hydraulic cylinders and custom-made.

Application areas

design and production of hydraulic cylinders dedicated to the different needs of the areas of handling, construction, heavy industry, steel industry, foundry, ecological, rollover, special transport.


AEM3 the production is a winner especially on market demands, because we can produce hydraulic cylinders made to measure or design, according to requirements of unique applications.


regeneration hydraulic cylinders with evaluation of the new cylinder in the case in which the repair is not convenient.

Quality and Warranty

both the design and the entire production takes place within the company, ensuring quality and reliable delivery times.

hydraulic cylinders aem3

technical characteristics of hydraulic cylinders

design hydraulic cylinder

Bore and Stroke

special hydraulic cylinders design made with 100 mm. bore to 1000 mm. with useful stroke of work up to 3000 mm.


working pressure up to 380 bar, when tested up to 450 bar.

Specific customer

hydraulic cylinders with or without end-position damping, with prossimity, cylinder with front and rear locking or central flange with perforations according to customer specifications.

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Send your request through this section you can enter the characteristics that you need. Go to section.

regeneration of hydraulic cylinders

You should regenerate?

For a cylinder which reports a malfunction must first understand if there are any problems solvable with a normal maintenance, or whether to make a total replacement of the cylinder itself.


In case of replacement, we will make the findings of which we need to build the new cylinder.

Quality and Warranty

To better understand the problem, it requires that the customer sends via a precompiled form his request for possible regeneration. We will respond as soon as possible to your request. Go to the request form.

regeneration hydraulic cylinder

hydraulic clamping brackets

Besides the production of hydraulic cylinders, AEM3 designs and manufactures hydraulic clamping brackets, a drawing or on the customer's needs. Go to the section.

Application areas

through hydraulic brackets you can run the fixture of molds, pieces mounted on welding equipment and equipment for machine tools. All in an automatic way, without the use of socket wrenches, ratchet or torque. The locking is performed in complete safety.


AEM3 deals with the design and implementation according to customer needs, in addition, work on the customer's drawing.

Quality and Warranty

both the design and the entire production takes place within the company, ensuring quality and reliable delivery times.


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